The Church will be closed until March 29th

The Church will be closed until March 29th

The following letter was sent out to parishioners:

March 13, 2020

To all of our St. James’ Family . . .

We have been overtaken by events, so the long and detailed memo we planned to send you will be very brief:

All church services at St. James’ are cancelled through Sunday, March 22. All activities that take place in St. James’ facilities are also cancelled, as are all subsidiary functions (Thrift Shop, Pre-school, meetings, rehearsals, practices, Lenten luncheon, etc.).

This is necessary under current circumstances; but it is regrettable that Christians should be kept from their celebration of prayer, fellowship, and the breaking of the bread.

Yet we should above all remember in these trying weeks (as we remind ourselves every week),  “The building . . . is not the church. You and I, we the people, are the church . . .”

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Fr. John, Dick or Kim.

In Jesus’ Name,
Father John
Dick McConnell, Senior Warden
Kim Lindner, Junior Warden

St. James’ Episcopal Church