Peaceful River Rocks

Peace is flowing like a river
Flowing out through you and me
Spreading out into the desert
Setting all the captives free.
*Love is flowing like a river…
*Joy is flowing like a river…
*Faith is flowing like a river… 
*His healing’s flowing like a river… -Traditional Folk Song

Have you ever been on a nature walk and seen a babbling brook or stream? Streams and small rivers can be a lot of fun, whether for splashing in the cool water, or watching sticks or toy boats zip through the current. Streams and rivers can make us feel refreshed and peaceful as well. Just as we know Peace comes from God, it can be up to us to move that peace through the world, just as a river or stream moves water across the land. Use this craft to share messages of peace and love to brighten the day of those in your home and community!

Small, smooth rocks such as river rocks (can be found in your neighborhood or also local discount store) Acrylic paints in preferred colors
Permanent marker (optional)

Directions: Clean and dry your rocks. Use markers to trace your picture or message. You can consider message s of peace, joy and love, or whatever you wish. Finish decorating with paint. When paint dries, use mod- podge to seal the rocks before placing them around your house or wherever you think a peaceful message is needed.