Paper Bag Puppets

“This was to fulfill what was spoken by the prophet: ‘I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter what has been hidden since the foundation of the world.’” – Matthew 13:35

Some of the best stories and most important lessons in the Bible can be found in Jesus’ parables. A parable is a simple story that teaches a lesson. We can all think back on some of our favorites and most popular parables. Perhaps the lesson of the Good Samaritan is familiar to your kids. The parables of the Lost Sheep, the Mustard Seed or the Prodigal Son are also easy for kids to absorb. The easiest way for kids to understand a story is to use fun characters. So why not let them make some of their own? Then have fun acting out the parables and learning the important lessons of God’s love for us.


    • Paper bag (lunch size)
    • Any decorative materials you have on hand (Be Creative!) Some suggestions include:
        • Google eyes
        • Pom poms
        • Construction paper
        • Buttons
        • Pipe cleaner
        • Markers
        • Glue

Use your materials to create as many characters as you like. You can then use the puppets to put on a show, maybe even acting out some of your favorite parables!