Vestry pin

New Vestry Elected

We elected a new vestry at our annual meeting on February 25th along with a new delegate to Convention.

Rebecca Ward, Pete Silvester, Rich Carango and Bruce Shipley continue as vestry members. We said goodbye and thank you to Dick McConnell, Adam D’Andrea and Cody Colaw who completed their terms, and well as to Nikki Batt who stepped down from vestry service and to Dane Tanner who passed away last summer. We welcomed Matt Wagner, Gloriana Noreika, Tim Gemmell, Karen Andrews and Beth Sharamatew as new members – Karen and Beth taking the remainder of Nikki and Dane’s terms.

Rich Carango was appointed by the Rector as the new Senior Warden and the vestry elected Matt Wagner as junior warden and Gloriana Noreika as the clerk. George Fritze will continue to serve as the Treasurer.