“Do everything without grumbling or arguing.” Philippians 2:14

As kids, you’ve probably had the experience of being busy doing something when suddenly a parent or other grown up in charge asks you to drop everything and help them with something. Being asked to take on a new or additional responsibility can be difficult for anyone, from kid to adult. At times like these, knowing you’ll have some help and support can mean the world. That’s how it was for Moses. Moses was busy tending his sheep when he saw a strange sight – a burning bush, high on a mountain. When he went to investigate, he was surprised to hear the voice of God asking him to bring His message to Egypt and free the Israelites. Moses thought the job was too much for him, but with the help and support of God, he accomplished his goal.

Every time you see the light of your Burning Bush Collage, remember that no matter where you are or what is happening in the world around you, God’s love is always present for us. God always hears us when we talk to Him, and while we may not get the response we’re expecting, we can always find comfort in knowing God is listening and loving us.

Small glass jars or clear plastic cups
Battery operated tea lights or glow sticks
Permanent marker
Tissue paper in warm “fire” colors, such as orange and yellow Glue
Paintbrush with a little water

Directions: Using the permanent marker, draw branches on the outside of the cup or jar to look like bush branches. Tear up the tissue paper into little pieces. Pour a little glue onto a plate. Have kids use the paint brush to mix a little water into the glue and paint it onto the tissue paper pieces. They can layer the tissue paper on the inside of the cup or jar until container is completely covered. Place tea light or activated glow stick inside.